10 Places To Find Great Social Media Content For Your Business


Trying to find great content to post to your social media accounts can seem overwhelming but if you know where to look, it can be much easier than you think.

Here are 10 places to find great social media content to share.

1. Pinterest

Many people love Pinterest for all the great recipes and arts and crafts but this site is also a treasure trove of great content ideas. Just type in your keyword and you will be returned with tons of pins and boards that are all related to your search term. 

2. Google Trends & Google Alerts

These two tools from Google are very helpful for content ideas.  With Google Trends you are able to see what is trending on the web right now or you can look back over time.  When you have your keywords figured out, set up Google Alerts.  You will then begin to get emails with relevant and popular articles that are related to your keywords.  You set the interval in which you receive the emails.   Things are always changing on social media, so I set mine to daily.

3. Twitter

Twitter is another great source for content.  Just plug in your keyword and see what the trending tweets are.  You will definitely find some articles worth sharing as well as ideas for your own content.

4. Holidays

For this one, we are more talking about the fun holidays you see being celebrated from the National Day Calendar or Days of the Year .  Find one that you appreciate or celebrate them all.  From National Margarita day to National Ice Cream Day, you are sure to find some great ideas your audience will enjoy.  Take it a step further and ask your followers to post a picture of themselves for whatever day is being celebrated.  You can also brand it with a #hashtag.

5. Hashtags

So about those hashtags.  They are everywhere and pretty much everything has a hashtag associated with it. From #MotivationMonday to #WellnessWednesday, you will have no shortage of ideas to choose from for your niche.

6.  YouTube

Videos are extremely popular on social media.  Over 300 hours of video are uploaded every minute to Youtube.  Do a search and you will no doubt find video content you can share with your audience.

7. Search Reddit

This website will provide you with tons of great content ideas. Search through the mini communities called subreddits and you will find pretty much every industry and niche. Subscribe to all the subreddits that are relevant for you business and you will have access to trending data to use for your content marketing.   

8. Use Quora Forums

If you have not stumbled upon Quora, it is basically a question and answer forum where anyone can join in on the conversations.  For business purposes, do a search for any questions or keywords related to your niche.  See what challenges and/or questions you are seeing and come up with content based on it.   

9. Check out news sites

The latest news can provide lots of content ideas regardless of the industry you are in.  Facebook is especially helpful with their “trending topics and news” section that you see next to your news feed.  Keep a watch on it and look for anything that would be good to use as content that way you take advantage of it while people’s interest is peaked.  

10. Make use of user generated content

Content marketers love to use UGC (any form of content that was created by end-users or consumers) as it is a treasure trove of ideas for content.  Here are some areas of UGC you can leverage for your brand:

  • Comments on blog posts
  • Photos people share
  • Videos
  • Testimonials
  • Tweets

Word of mouth referrals are gold for any brand.  They are much more trusted than any content a brand may put out themselves.   Just make sure to ask permission.  Most people would be fine with you sharing their content but it only takes one irate customer to feel you have violated their privacy.


Coming up with engaging content on a consistent basis can be tough for any brand.  The above list can serve as ongoing sources you can turn to when you are need of some content inspiration.  If you are finding yourself lacking free time to dedicate to your content marketing, consider using a company that can create custom social media content for you.