10 Tips On How To Boost Facebook Engagement



1. Ask Questions

Questions are a surefire way to boost engagement with your followers.  It is really one of the simplest ways to get people to comment on your post. Here are some ideas for questions you can ask:

  1. Would you rather have to stand or sit all day?
  2. What do you do first when you wake up?
  3. What is your favorite thing about our product/service?
  4. If you won the Powerball lottery, how would you spend your winnings?

2. Get the timing right

Posting at a time when people are asleep or at work will not get you far.  The times that you are posting to social media is key to how much engagement you will see.  A good time to post would be before people get to work and after they leave.  These are times when people are more likely to be on their devices and on social media.   A great tool to use to make sure you are posting consistently and at the right time every time is Autogrammer.

3. Post photos

Photos posted to Facebook are far more effective at growing engagement than any status updates or links you may post.   Product images, team pictures, fan images, behind the scenes images are just some of the types of pictures that will help boost engagement.

4. Facebook contest

Hosting a Facebook contest is one of the best ways to get buzz going about your brand.  Your current fans get an opportunity to get more involved while also attracting new fans.  They are easy to put together as you don’t need to come up with anything complicated.  Simple themes such as “like or comment to win” or a photo caption contest, work great.  Be sure to encourage those who enter to share the contest on their page so that you reach a broader audience.  As you are putting your contest together, make sure to read Facebook’s rules on these types of promotions to make sure you are within their guidelines.

5. Add a CTA

Your Facebook Business Page gives you the option to add a CTA button to your cover photo.  Take advantage of that by adding a “contact us” option there.  You want to provide people with a simple and obvious way for people to get in touch with you.  This will also be helpful in driving people back to your website.

6. Try videos

Videos are where it’s at.  So much so that Facebook gives priority to posts that use video.  Below are a couple of tips to keep in mind when creating your video:

  • Because most people are on social media via their mobile devices, it has been shown that square videos get more engagement than landscape ones.
  • Turn on the captions. It has been found that many videos are actually viewed without sound.  

7. Try live videos

Facebook loves live video and even changed up their algorithm to rank them higher than videos that are no longer live.   It has been found that people spend more time watching a live video over one that is over.  They also comment much more as well.  Here are some ideas for a live video:

  • Go behind-the-scenes at work
  • Host a Q & A session
  • Put together a how to video
  • Share weekly tips

8. Ask for the opinion of your followers

People want to offer up their opinions but you have to ask questions in order for that to happen.  You can post any trending news or a blog post and then ask your followers for what their opinions are. What you are ultimately going to share really depends on your target audience.  If it is a professional audience, then industry related news might be the way to go.  If you are a clothing brand, then sharing the latest trends would be on point.

9. Boost your top posts

If you have written a blog post that has received tons of feedback or any other popular website content, take the opportunity to post it to Facebook and boost the post.  You do not need to have a large budget.  $25 is enough to target those who like your page as well as their friends.   With that being said, a boosted post may not receive tons of shares but it will help you increase engagement with your target audience.  If your post is offering a solution to a problem or the answer to a question, this tactic can be especially helpful.

 10. Share Content From Other Channels

Assuming you are not posting the same stuff to each of your channels (which you shouldn’t be), you have access to a bunch of content ideas that you can promote.  Go through all your content from Pinterest, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter and pick the best content to share on Facebook.   This tip is super helpful when you are falling short on ideas for what to post.