7 Tips To Freshen Up Your Landscaping Business Marketing Strategy


We are steadily moving through 2019 and if you have not revamped your marketing strategy for this year, now is the time.  In order to stay top of mind with your customers, you need to make sure you are reaching them with both traditional and digital marketing.


Here are seven ways to freshen up your marketing strategy and boost business in 2019


1. Develop a Website

It’s 2019 and every business should have a website no matter how small.  Everyone is online nowadays and you need to meet your customers where they are at.  You may think you are doing your part by having a Facebook business page, but these pages do not rank as well as a website does.  You can expect to wait about 2 to 6 months before you start ranking for your keywords within your area, so the quicker you get going on setting one up, the better.

There are tons of options to get a website up and running for rather cheap. With that being said, if you have the budget, it is definitely worth it to have a professional build your site.  Just as important as having a website is investing in landscaping business software.  This is key to running your business efficiently and effectively.  You want something that has all the critical project and internal management functions you need to be successful.

2. Create website content related to the season

We are officially in Spring time so it would be a smart idea to optimize some of your website pages for spring related services. As an example, you may have a general “Services” page but you don’t have a page dedicated to each service.  In an effort to build up your website with more valuable content and boost SEO, you should create individual pages for each service you offer.  Since it is Springtime, highlight those services that would be performed during this time of year.

Speaking of valuable content, you should definitely have a blog if you don’t.  See what are top ranking keywords for your area and develop content around them.  Here are some tools to help with this:  Keyword Planner in Google Ads, Google Search Console, or Bing Webmasters Tools.  For example, people in your area may be searching on Google for “How to care for grass in Spring”.  You can write a blog post addressing this question.

Creating content that is based on searched questions and queries will help attract customers who may decide they want to hire a lawn care business to handle this task.   Maximize the use of this content by sharing it on your social media pages to draw more eyes to it.   Take it a step further and see what keywords your competitors are ranking for by using tools like SpyFu or SEMrush!

3. Join local groups

Joining a local trade association or your local Chamber of Commerce is a great way to engage with other business owners in your area. Do a Google search to see which groups are in your area.  Also check out websites like meetup.com and search for entrepreneur related topics.

People are always looking to connect face-to-face and these meetups are a great way to get your foot in the door for commercial accounts and other business opportunities.

4. Reach out to local businesses at the right time

When it comes to commercial accounts, end of the year is prime time for reaching out.  It is during this time that local businesses will be looking at budgets and renewing services.  During late fall and early winter, reach out to these businesses and see where they are at with their landscaping.   Whether they have a company on the books or they are considering hiring someone, you want to be that business to fill the spot.

5. Keep your social media accounts up to date

It is easy to forget about keeping up with your social media presence when you are busy running a business.  With that being said, people are not only finding your business on Google but on social media platforms.  They want to see your brand personality, the quality of your work, and most importantly your reviews.   Whether it is residential customers looking at your Facebook profile or commercial clients looking at your professional appearance on LinkedIn, this is a step you don’t want to ignore.  Here are some items you want to make sure your Facebook business page has:

  • A professional profile photo – This can be your logo and make sure it has high resolution
  • A cover photo – This can be something you can easily create on Canva.  You just want to be sure to follow image size requirements.
  • Add details to the “our story” section – Talk about how your business came to be.
  • Fill out the “description” of your page – This talks about the purpose of your page.
  • Choose relevant business categories –  This is how Facebook categorizes your business.

 6. Door Hangers

Door hangers are a great way to help bring in new clients.  You do, however, want to stick to placing these on nicer homes since this is an extra service that you want to make sure people have the budget for.  An easy way to hit a bunch of homes at once is to place them on homes in both directions of a current customer.  Now keep in mind, this tactic typically yields only a 1% or less response rate.  With that being said, there are things you can do to make the odds tip in your favor.  Have your door hanger professionally designed and be sure to add a strong call-to-action (CTA).  This can prompt a lot more prospective customers to call.

7. Get car magnets or wraps

We have all probably seen some cool car wraps on cars.  They really do stand out and are a great way to get your business name noticed.  Each time you visit a client, you are promoting your business to everyone who drives by you.  If you don’t have the budget to invest in a wrap ($1,500 to $4,000 in a quality truck wrap) consider getting magnets for your car.


Final thoughts

There is no time like the present to check in with your marketing efforts for your lawn care business.  The above tips will help your landscaping business get noticed and bring in more clients as we move through this year.