Can Lexington Law Help Rebuild Your Credit?

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If your credit report is filled with missed payments or inaccuracies, your credit score has been negatively impacted.  Having good credit is essential to your financial well being.  Your credit score is a key deciding factor when it comes to getting approved for anything from a loan to a credit card.  The worse your credit score, the less favorable terms you will receive on any loan instrument.  Bottom line, you should try and resolve the issue as soon as possible.  The longer you wait, the more money it will cost you in the long run.

When it comes to credit repair, it is possible to do the process yourself.  With that being said, unless you have a simple issue to correct, you are better off leaving this complicated task to a reputable credit repair company.  Lexington Law has been around in this space since 1991 and has helped hundreds of thousands of consumers restore their credit.  Before you choose a credit repair company,  it is important to know what they can and cannot do for you.

Can I Do Credit Repair On My Own?

The quick answer to this is yes.  It is possible to go the DIY route but it is also possible to represent yourself in court without a lawyer.  At the end of the day, both of those scenarios probably aren’t the best to do on your own.  Some things are better left to the professionals.  Now, if you have a simple case and have knowledge of credit law, you may want to try and dispute any inaccurate items on your report.  However, this is not so easy and simple to do either.  It requires extensive research as well as time to see the entire process through.

Who is Lexington Law?

Lexington Law is the largest credit repair company in the U.S.  It is a trusted leader in credit repair and has thousands of positive reviews.  They have over 20 years experience and staff a team of lawyers and paralegals that are fully versed in consumer laws.  Through their years of experience, they have learned how to effectively challenge and remove negative marks on consumers’ credit reports.    Click here to read a full review of Lexington Law.

What Can a Credit Repair Service Like Lexington Law Do For You?

Credit reports have more mistakes than you would probably think. According to the FTC, one in five people have at least one error on one of their credit reports. Lexington Law’s services assist customers by challenging creditors to remove any reporting mistakes.

When you sign up for Lexington Law’s services, you will be assigned both an attorney and a paralegal. Their first step is to obtain your credit report from (Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion) which are the three major credit reporting bureaus .  They will then go over your credit report with you line by line to see if there are any unverifiable or inaccurate items.  If there are, they will begin drafting up letters of dispute for the creditors.  If for any reason a creditor cannot provide proof that an item on your report is accurate, then that item must be removed from your credit report.  On the flip side, if you have items on your report that are real and verifiable, those items cannot be removed from your report.

As you move through the credit repair process, you can expect to have 24/7 access to experts who can answer any questions.  They will also provide you with ongoing updates on how your case is proceeding.  Most clients see results in about six months.

Lexington Law’s Service Plans

Lexington Law offers three plans to choose from.  Your situation will do most of the guiding when it comes to which plan is best for you.

Concord Standard: $89.95/Mo

Concord Premier: $109.95/Mo

Premier Plus: $129.95/Mo

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Signs Of a Bad Credit Repair Company

There are credit repair companies that operate illegally.  According to the FTC, here are red flags to keep an eye out for.

  • They ask you to pay for services upfront:

According to the Credit Repair Organizations Act, legitimate credit repair companies cannot ask for payment until services have been rendered.

  • They tell you that you can’t do the credit repair process on your own: 

Credit repair is something you can do yourself.  The question becomes do you want to?  It is a complex and daunting process that can make it tough for a consumer to navigate.  Either way, you can do it yourself.

  • They tell you to create a new identity:

If a credit repair company suggests that you create a new credit identity, run for the hills.  This is very much against the law.

  • They make guarantees:

There are not guarantees in the credit repair process.

  • They don’t provide you with a written contract:

Before they can perform services, credit repair companies must provide a written contract.

Is Lexington Law Worth The Cost?

If you are suffering from poor credit, it is not something to take lightly.  Your credit affects some of the most important aspects of your financial well being.  Working with a reputable credit repair company can help you get your credit back on track helping you save money in the long run .  Credit repair is a confusing and complex process that companies like Lexington Law have the proper experience dealing with.  If you are serious about fixing your poor credit, Lexington Law can be that company for you.

3 Types of Identity Theft To Watch Out For

id theftIdentity theft is not an unknown term anymore as the number of identity theft cases are growing over the days. It is very important to know more about it so that you are safe. Most people who become victims of identity thieves are unaware about it. When a person does not know about a problem then he will most probably fall into it. If he would have been aware of the same then he would find solutions beforehand so that he does not get victimized by identity theft.

There are more ways than one you can become a victim of an identity thief. It is important to know that not only rich people are vulnerable to be victimized but anyone can become a victim. Following are some of the ways in which an identity thief can steal your identity.

1. Financial Identity Theft

The most common type of theft carried out by identity thieves is the financial identity theft. In fact, when you mention the term �identity theft’, the financial one comes to the mind at first due to its commonness. Here, the thief may steal the identity in two ways – first, he can illegally access the bank accounts and credit cards of a person in order to withdraw money; second, he can apply for a new credit card or get a loan sanctioned in stolen identity. The end result of either of the two might be very devastating for the person whose identity has been stolen.

2. Driver’s License Identity Theft

Another form of identity theft is done by stealing driver’s licenses. There are many pickpocket persons who are on the lookout for people with a license. There are also instances where drivers drop their license on the road or at the mall. People with ulterior motives take the cards in their custody and they use it illegally. They may also sell off the licenses to people who look similar to the person the card belongs to. Therefore, it is very important to keep your license safely.

3. Social Security Number Identity Theft

The importance of Social Security Number (SSN) is high, so it is also important to keep it protected. There are identity thieves that are on the lookout for SSN of different people so that they can fulfill their motives of stealing others. They can misuse the information in order to get credit cards or loans. They may even apply for a passport which will allow them to fly in the name of others.

Are You Ready For Credit Repair Services?

credit card debtIt is necessary for you to learn about things that will lead to lowering your credit score. After you know the causes of poor credit rating, you will easily make adjustments in your life which will lead you to improving your credit score. There are some companies that offer credit repair services. You should work with such companies in case you will like to repair your credit.

Remember good credit score will lead you to enjoying a lot of benefits when handling your finance. Some of the reasons why you may be developing low credit score include the entry of wrong records in your credit score. You should make an effort and look for ways of eliminating cases where wrong entries will affect your credit score. You will easily avoid cases where wrong entry will affect your credit score after you decide to sign up in companies that will offer you regular updates of your credit history so that you will act in time.

Tips on how to carry out credit repair

Request regular credit reports

For you to know in good time about wrong entries that may be made in your credit score and act in good time, you should sign up in companies that offer regular credit score reports. There are several companies available, you should always take your time and compare different companies so that you will decide on one which will assure you the best services.

Always talk to your creditors in good time in case there is a delay in repaying your debt

Sometimes due to unavoidable circumstance you may fail to make ends meet. In case you will delay to clear a certain debt, then you should speak to your creditors and inform them on how you will like to repay the debt. This is necessary because keeping quiet will result to the creditors reporting to your credit card provider from where you will be a victim of low credit score.

Try to pay your bills in good time

Wrong payment of bills may be the reason why you are developing low credit ratings. In order to avoid cases where late payment of bills will be affecting your credit score, you should always ensure you have paid your bills in good time. There is no need for you to wait till it is too late before you can pay your bills. Always ensure you act in good time to achieve credit repair.

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Identity Theft Insurance and Its Importance

phishing scamIdentity theft has been on a rise as there are many people who are suffering because of impersonators who are stealing their important information for creating problems in their financial situations. Therefore it is very important to look for a way for getting protection against this kind of theft so that you can get complete peace of mind which can be done with identity theft insurance.

Importance of insurance for dealing with identity theft issues

Your identity is very important and it is very important that your information is protected because your credit card number, driver license number and social security number can be misused by predators. Since protecting this information is very crucial for you, you can do this with the help of identity theft insurance as it can compensate you in case a criminal steals your information.

This kind of insurance can help you in keeping your personal information safe and secured. Identity theft is a crime and it can cause serious damages which makes it very important to make sure that your vital information is safe. In case of identity theft, you might be unable to prove the theft which will make catching the criminals even more difficult.

After identity theft you will have to spend years trying to repair this damage and there is a chance of facing lawsuits for the debts. Therefore identity theft insurance is used for covering these issues and preventing it from happening. This insurance policy is similar to the other kinds of insurance as it offers various levels of protection and coverage.

You also have the option of selecting the policy level on the basis the amount that you want to spend for the insurance. This insurance covers the losses that have been incurred by you following instances of identity theft as it will provide you money for compensating your losses. This insurance lessens the additional expenses that you have to pay for the legal bills as well as the compensation for the time who were jobless.

Financial benefits

The identity theft insurance helps in reducing the debt that you have incurred as a result of your identity theft as this amount will be paid on your behalf or reimbursed to you. This service is provided by an insurance company for covering the debt for the identity theft up to the total amount of coverage. This insurance is the best form of identity theft protection that can help you to deal with the situation in the most effective manner.