Home Security Systems Prevent More Than Intrusion

home alarm systemThe benefits of having a home security system outweigh the potential costliness and hazards an unprotected home can mean to you and your family. Some of the benefits homeowners should consider for installing the best home security system include:

Protection from Intruders

More than twice as many burglaries targeting homes are deterred from those homes owning security systems. Usually, the very presence of a security system is enough to deter a home break-in. Sometimes, knowingly or unknowingly, burglars may target a home while family members are inside. When a burglar expecting a home to be empty enters and finds occupants inside, he may be surprised and panicked enough to resort to antagonistic behavior. A security system can provide sufficient warning for family members to reach a safe location inside or outside of the home and dispatch the alarm to nearby authorities.

Fire Detection

Many homeowners depend on smoke alarms to give warning of a fire in the home. It takes no more than thirty seconds for a tiny flame to become a large scale fire. A home can become filled with thick black smoke in minutes, and make breathing impossible. In a situation of fire, time is especially of the essence. Seconds in a circumstance of fire safety could result in death, or the total destruction of a home. Home security systems can warn of smoke detection and heat sources, and notify authorities.

Prevent Poisoning From Carbon Monoxide

Combustion fumes produce an odorless, colorless gas known as carbon monoxide. Burning wood, charcoal, stoves, gas ranges, and other heating systems are among those items that can release carbon monoxide. Human senses cannot detect carbon monoxide (CO). The red blood cells of the human body collect CO faster than oxygen. When CO released into the blood replaces the oxygen, the body’s tissues and organs are unable to receive oxygen. Death can occur from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Carbon monoxide detectors can be purchased and installed as part of a home security system. When installed as part of a home security system, these devices can provide emergency dispatch service, and a call to paramedics experienced in treating the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning. The early detection with a home security system allows occupants to leave the home sooner. Receiving faster medical treatment results in less severe carbon monoxide symptoms.

Safety Assurance

The elderly, those who are incapacitated, and homeowners who are often home alone can experience a sense of safety when their home is protected by a home security system. Some systems provide users with medical alert pendants to wear and are made to alert for help in particular medical circumstances.

There are many other benefits to consider for installing a home security system.