Are You Ready For Credit Repair Services?

credit card debtIt is necessary for you to learn about things that will lead to lowering your credit score. After you know the causes of poor credit rating, you will easily make adjustments in your life which will lead you to improving your credit score. There are some companies that offer credit repair services. You should work with such companies in case you will like to repair your credit.

Remember good credit score will lead you to enjoying a lot of benefits when handling your finance. Some of the reasons why you may be developing low credit score include the entry of wrong records in your credit score. You should make an effort and look for ways of eliminating cases where wrong entries will affect your credit score. You will easily avoid cases where wrong entry will affect your credit score after you decide to sign up in companies that will offer you regular updates of your credit history so that you will act in time.

Tips on how to carry out credit repair

Request regular credit reports

For you to know in good time about wrong entries that may be made in your credit score and act in good time, you should sign up in companies that offer regular credit score reports. There are several companies available, you should always take your time and compare different companies so that you will decide on one which will assure you the best services.

Always talk to your creditors in good time in case there is a delay in repaying your debt

Sometimes due to unavoidable circumstance you may fail to make ends meet. In case you will delay to clear a certain debt, then you should speak to your creditors and inform them on how you will like to repay the debt. This is necessary because keeping quiet will result to the creditors reporting to your credit card provider from where you will be a victim of low credit score.

Try to pay your bills in good time

Wrong payment of bills may be the reason why you are developing low credit ratings. In order to avoid cases where late payment of bills will be affecting your credit score, you should always ensure you have paid your bills in good time. There is no need for you to wait till it is too late before you can pay your bills. Always ensure you act in good time to achieve credit repair.

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Identity Theft Insurance and Its Importance

phishing scamIdentity theft has been on a rise as there are many people who are suffering because of impersonators who are stealing their important information for creating problems in their financial situations. Therefore it is very important to look for a way for getting protection against this kind of theft so that you can get complete peace of mind which can be done with identity theft insurance.

Importance of insurance for dealing with identity theft issues

Your identity is very important and it is very important that your information is protected because your credit card number, driver license number and social security number can be misused by predators. Since protecting this information is very crucial for you, you can do this with the help of identity theft insurance as it can compensate you in case a criminal steals your information.

This kind of insurance can help you in keeping your personal information safe and secured. Identity theft is a crime and it can cause serious damages which makes it very important to make sure that your vital information is safe. In case of identity theft, you might be unable to prove the theft which will make catching the criminals even more difficult.

After identity theft you will have to spend years trying to repair this damage and there is a chance of facing lawsuits for the debts. Therefore identity theft insurance is used for covering these issues and preventing it from happening. This insurance policy is similar to the other kinds of insurance as it offers various levels of protection and coverage.

You also have the option of selecting the policy level on the basis the amount that you want to spend for the insurance. This insurance covers the losses that have been incurred by you following instances of identity theft as it will provide you money for compensating your losses. This insurance lessens the additional expenses that you have to pay for the legal bills as well as the compensation for the time who were jobless.

Financial benefits

The identity theft insurance helps in reducing the debt that you have incurred as a result of your identity theft as this amount will be paid on your behalf or reimbursed to you. This service is provided by an insurance company for covering the debt for the identity theft up to the total amount of coverage. This insurance is the best form of identity theft protection that can help you to deal with the situation in the most effective manner.

Famous Psychics: Jane Roberts and the Seth Material

jane robertsEvery now and then, in any field of study, someone comes along breaking new ground and setting new standards by which all others will be compared. In the world of psychic mediumship, in the early 20th century the standard-bearer was Edgar Cayce who for at least two decades astounded people with his uncanny ability to accurately diagnose illness and prescribe treatments, give business advice, and reveal other mysteries of the unknown world.

By the mid-20th century a young writer from New York named Jane Roberts would emerge with the ability to channel highly esoteric and complex ideas while in trance. The massive body of work that would accumulate over 20+ years came to be known collectively as the Seth Material.

Seth “Speaks”

Initially begun as a research project for a book about extrasensory perception (ESP), Roberts and her husband Robert F. Butts first made contact with a non-physical entity through the use of a Ouija board in 1963. The entity identified himself as Seth and gradually the communication evolved from a Ouija board to automatic writing (with Roberts being able to dictate the voice she was “hearing” mentally) and finally channeling Seth through the use of her physical body in a trance state.

Butts at first transcribed the material in a form of shorthand but later tape-recorded the sessions. Roberts also made claims to channeling the philosopher William James and French Impressionist painter Paul Cézanne which were published, but by far it was the Seth material that made Jane Roberts an international sensation and enduring presence in the realm of psychic channeling.

The Nature of the Material

The Seth material is often credited as the origin of the New Age movement. The nature of the information was indeed often extremely complex, reflecting some aspects of Eastern religious philosophies such as Buddhism and Taoism and even quantum physics, but it is not the only example of highly dense channeled material that was emerging in the early and mid-20th century.

By 1955 another body of work called “The Urantia Book” was published, with over 2000 pages of channeled material that dealt with the origins of Earth, mankind, and the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. Similarly, Helen Schucman and William Thetford would publish “A Course in Miracles,” a guide for spiritual transformation that the authors claimed came from an inner voice credited to Jesus.

Seth’s teachings, on the other hand, veered away from conventional religious references and focused more on the nature of individual consciousness. He stressed that humans create their own reality through their thought forms, a radical departure from the Christian concepts of original sin, salvation, and the dualities of good and evil.

“I am trying to tell you that if you look inward, and study your own sacredness and creativity and blessedness, and joy and power, as closely as you study the sacred books of the gods, then you would realize that all those books of the gods were based upon the great reality of the individual, the individual soul, and therefore based upon your own reality,” (exerpt from Seth Audio Collection, Volume 1, Tape #22 Nov 6, 1973).


The Seth material received its share of ridicule as channeled information usually does, but the volume has been translated into 11 languages and to date has sold over 7 million copies. Interestingly, Yale University houses the collection of Jane Roberts’ work which includes journals, poetry, correspondence and audio and video recordings that were donated by Butts after her death in 1984.


Home Security Systems Prevent More Than Intrusion

home alarm systemThe benefits of having a home security system outweigh the potential costliness and hazards an unprotected home can mean to you and your family. Some of the benefits homeowners should consider for installing the best home security system include:

Protection from Intruders

More than twice as many burglaries targeting homes are deterred from those homes owning security systems. Usually, the very presence of a security system is enough to deter a home break-in. Sometimes, knowingly or unknowingly, burglars may target a home while family members are inside. When a burglar expecting a home to be empty enters and finds occupants inside, he may be surprised and panicked enough to resort to antagonistic behavior. A security system can provide sufficient warning for family members to reach a safe location inside or outside of the home and dispatch the alarm to nearby authorities.

Fire Detection

Many homeowners depend on smoke alarms to give warning of a fire in the home. It takes no more than thirty seconds for a tiny flame to become a large scale fire. A home can become filled with thick black smoke in minutes, and make breathing impossible. In a situation of fire, time is especially of the essence. Seconds in a circumstance of fire safety could result in death, or the total destruction of a home. Home security systems can warn of smoke detection and heat sources, and notify authorities.

Prevent Poisoning From Carbon Monoxide

Combustion fumes produce an odorless, colorless gas known as carbon monoxide. Burning wood, charcoal, stoves, gas ranges, and other heating systems are among those items that can release carbon monoxide. Human senses cannot detect carbon monoxide (CO). The red blood cells of the human body collect CO faster than oxygen. When CO released into the blood replaces the oxygen, the body’s tissues and organs are unable to receive oxygen. Death can occur from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Carbon monoxide detectors can be purchased and installed as part of a home security system. When installed as part of a home security system, these devices can provide emergency dispatch service, and a call to paramedics experienced in treating the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning. The early detection with a home security system allows occupants to leave the home sooner. Receiving faster medical treatment results in less severe carbon monoxide symptoms.

Safety Assurance

The elderly, those who are incapacitated, and homeowners who are often home alone can experience a sense of safety when their home is protected by a home security system. Some systems provide users with medical alert pendants to wear and are made to alert for help in particular medical circumstances.

There are many other benefits to consider for installing a home security system.