Seven Effective Tips For Making Team Management Easier


Successfully leading a team takes the right strategies and balance.  This can often feel overwhelming but there are tons of ways to make team management both easier and rewarding.  Let’s dive in and see what steps you can take today to help you form the best team possible.

Here are seven ways to make team management easier

1. Hire the right team members

In order for you to create a successful team, you need to hire the right people. Finding the right people is essential to your project’s productivity.   Give thought to what you need from the people you hire in order to make your team as effective as possible.  When interviewing candidates, be sure to find out about their skills, talents and strengths.  By doing so, you will be better able to make informed decisions when adjusting responsibilities and positions.

2. Be clear about goals

Each team member should know what their role is and what they are striving for each day they come into work.  In the absence of clear and concise goals, you can expect your team to miss deadlines and forget tasks.  In order to effectively set goals that will be met, you need to meet as a team.  Go over individual goals with each person so that everyone is on the same page.

3. Practice effective time management

Time management and feeling like there is never enough time are two things project managers tend to feel they are falling short on.  Distractions play a big part in this.  Whether it is having unnecessary meetings or scrolling social media, it is imperative that you keep time in check.  One of the best ways to do this is by using a team progress tracking software.  It will allow the entire team to know who is working on what, when it is due and what is coming up.  If everyone knows where they stand within the group along with where all the team members stand, you can effectively manage time more productively.  Gone are the days of wondering what you need to do next or whether another coworker has finished their project so you can move on with yours.

4. Assign tasks to the right people

Part of effectively managing a team is knowing who your team members are in terms of their strengths and weaknesses.  When you are armed with these details, you can ensure each team member has a workload that properly fits their skill set.  This will help prevent tasks and responsibilities from falling to the wayside.

5. Give Feedback

People are motivated and driven to do better when they receive praise from their superiors.  When it comes time for performance reviews, give them honest feedback.  On the flip side, employees want to feel their input matters and is valued. You want to provide them with the opportunity to share their feedback on the job you are doing as their leader.  Receiving this input helps with improving individual skills on both sides which will be better for the team all around.

6. Resolve Team Issues

People have different viewpoints and working together day in and day out,  those differences are bound to escalate to conflict.  Many times, these issues don’t just work themselves out on their own.  It is crucial as team leader that you get ahead of any conflict before it worsens.  This means addressing it with each team member individually and making sure each party feels heard.  One thing you do want to stay away from is choosing sides.  You have to be neutral when it comes to resolving conflict in a group setting.

7. Participate in team bonding activities

In an effort to make your team feel more connected and cohesive, it is a good idea to get together outside of the office.  When people are relaxed and don’t have to worry about deadlines and job tasks, they can bond that much easier.  Not everyone has to like one another but if you hold some team building outings, you can definitely build up team rapport.  This could be getting together at happy hour or playing mini golf.  Whatever you choose, you will be helping your team see one another in real life scenarios.  This will make it that much easier for them to have better communication at work.

Final thoughts

Managing a team is tough.  You have different personalities all trying to work together to reach common goals.  With that being said, there are many opportunities for you to make your efforts more successful.  The above tips will help you be a better team manager while making it easier to reach your goals.